Peter Crighton was born in Toronto on the 18th of February, 1959.
Shortly thereafter, his family moved north to the towns of Burk's Falls and Orillia.
At the age of nine he and the family returned to Toronto where Peter still lives today 
with his wife Mary and their three children.

From 1972-1977 Peter attended the art program at Central Technical School in Toronto.
After that time he began to paint on a full-time basis. His passion has always been to paint primarily
northern landscapes in oils. Whenever possible he prefers to paint outdoors and on location.

In 1988 Peter established an art gallery in Toronto called The Gallery Wall. For the past 20 years The Gallery Wall
has served as an outlet for some of Toronto's finest artists. Most of the paintings Peter has produced over the past 
years have been sold to both private and corporate buyers through The Gallery Wall.

From 1972In 1988